Welcome to PRONTO Program for Research On Neurodevelopmental and Translational Outcomes


Our mission is to build resilience in children with or at risk of neurodevelopmental disorders through innovative biomedical interventions evaluated in real world settings such as schools. We work to develop neurodevelopmental, resilience-building interventions and their impact in schools.



Our research team does grant/gift/industry supported clinical trials of novel pharmacologic, nutraceutical agents and brain training interventions in the laboratory and evaluates the effectiveness of these interventions in outcome studies in school settings and clinical practices. Our research involves autism, ADHD, dyslexia, depression, psychosis and other childhood psychiatric disorders.

Our investigator initiated clinical trials study novel biomedical treatments and the biological effects of alternative treatments for neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism such as vitamin B12, vitamin D3, Omega-3s and hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

Our outcome studies use an internet-based platform, eBit, for collection of background information and standard and novel rating scales from parents, teachers and clinicians and where possible from the children themselves.